When do you charge for the Wine Club shipments?

We charge the first week of the Quarter months (March, June, September and December). An email is sent out in advance to let members know the date they will be charged.

When do you ship the Wine Club shipments?

Typically the second week of the Quarter months, the week after the account is charged.

Can I switch out bottles in the shipment?

If you would like to switch out a bottle in the upcoming shipment, you can do so before the account is charged. Please contact Erica Puente, the Wine Club Coordinator via email or phone.

Can I add wines to the shipment to make a full case for the 35% discount?

Yes and we encourage it, but this needs to be done before we charge the account by calling or emailing the Wine Club Coordinator. You may add any wines to make a full case (12 bottles). Please note the Reserve Wines are discounted 25% at all times, even with a purchase of a case. They can still be mixed in with the other Michael David wines though.

What if I am going to be out of town when you ship my wine?

Please contact the Wine Club Coordinator to change the Ship Date for your order PRIOR the shipment leaving the winery. If the wine has already been shipped out, we might be able to change the address, however this is not guaranteed and additional shipping charges will be billed to your account. Additional charges also applies to wine returned to the winery after unsuccessful delivery attempts.

Can I have someone else pick up my wine shipment at the winery?

Yes, but please notify the Wine Club Coordinator prior to the wine being picked up. If we have the information ahead of time, your friend can sign on your behalf after showing valid ID proving they are over 21.

How do I change my membership information (address, phone, credit card, etc.)?

You can change your information by logging into your Wine Club account online, or by calling or emailing Erica at wineclub@michaeldavidwinery.com.

I didn’t catch the delivery truck, where is my wine?

Please call the winery and speak with the Wine Club Coordinator. We can locate your shipment and have it re-sent; Additional charges will apply.