Michael J. Phillips Feature Image

Michael J. Phillips

Owner, CEO

Michael is a 5th generation Lodi grape grower.  While growing up, he farmed with his father, driving tractor at age 10 and helping with grape harvesting.  After graduating from U.C. Davis, Michael began planting vineyards of varietals not typical of Lodi and began winemaking through the production of small lots as a home winemaker.  In 1984, after nearly a decade of refining his techniques of winemaking, Michael, with the support of his father, decided to establish a bonded winery.  With a small market storefront available for marketing the wine, the first vintage of Carignane, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay were produced from the family’s grapes.  After giving up the hands on winemaking, Michael can frequently be found in the winery conferring with the winemakers and working on the blending of the wines.  Michael’s goal is to show the world of wine drinkers that wines made from Lodi grapes can compete against wines from anywhere in the world.  In order to promote the quality of Lodi wines, and his own wines in particular, Michael spends more than half of his time traveling in the United States.  His wife Kristy often travels with him promoting the wines at trade shows, wine tastings and wine dinners.  Two of his three children are an integral part of the family business while his third child is a research scientist.